The Trainers


Marggie Rushlow-Roberts

Daughter of Jerry and Sally Rushlow, Marggie Rushlow-Roberts has been in the saddle since the moment she was welcomed into the world. With her years of experience, there is an abundance of tools in her tool belt to help find what works best with horse and rider.

Marggie's expertise can cover every sort of discipline, whether it be hunter, english, western, show hack, and beyond. She has trained a multitude of horses and riders to their very first blue ribbon and national championship! 

Along with her elegance and grace she brings every ride, Marggie has an eye for detail! She loves to instruct students of all ages and levels and help them grow into the rider they want to be!


Chad Roberts

Allow us to introduce Chad Roberts, one of our resident trainers and instructors. Chad was, and is, an avid hockey player. He was pursuing a formal educator/coach curriculum when he met and married, Marggie Rushlow. He quickly realized his teaching skills would be a valuable asset to Rushlow’s Arabians and he soon began riding and training the horses at his new home. 

    Chad’s passion as an educator is evident daily, as his lesson students began arriving for their private lessons with their instructor. His firsthand knowledge of the horses he trains helps in assisting their owners/ riders with very individualized instruction. He oversees each horses diet, nutritional supplements and medical, dental, and farrier care.

   Chad enjoys watching his own children, horses, and students excel at the very highest levels. He is a basketball, football, and baseball father who loves watching games. Horse shows find him on the rail, teaching and motivating. He is skilled at matching perfect horse and rider combinations. Rushlow’s Arabian’s reputation for excellence allows Chad to access horses from around the country, to meet his client’s needs and goals. Feel free to chat with Chad about your perfect horse! 


Jolie Quiel

Jolie is a 2009 graduate of Summit Academy High School and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, with a degree in Early Childhood Education/Elementary Education. Jolie puts in long days at the barn because of her love and passion for horses. 

As Head Riding instructor, Jolie teaches the art of horsemanship to people with all levels of experience, both in groups and one-on-one. Working with humans and animals, she is required to divide her focus evenly between horse and rider. Jolie has unlimited patience, excellent communication skills, and the ability to encourage and motivate both horse and rider, alike. Jolie has the wherewithal to remain calm under pressure and always keeps the safety of horse and rider a top priority. Her students learn all aspects of proper horse care, from brushing to tacking up to mounting safely, along with the specifics of their chosen discipline. 

Jolie takes great pride and satisfaction in taking a rider from beginner to competition and show level. We are beyond blessed and grateful to have her with us.


Sally Rushlow

The cornerstone of Rushlow’s Arabians is our own, Sally Rushlow. Sally first encountered, and fell in love with, Arabian horses, as a 4-H student in Wisconsin. She watched as a beautiful Arabian performed an in hand trail course, completely at liberty! She immediately recognized the obvious intelligence of the breed.

    After moving to Michigan, she began boarding at Rushlow's where she met her future husband, and accomplished horseman, Jerry Rushlow. Initially, she was hired as a trainer but soon she began a successful lesson program that has grown and continues to this day. The Rushlow children shared their parent’s passion for horses, and both are active and respected in their equestrian careers.

    Sally’s greatest source of  pride is watching her grandchildren, now third generation equestrians, compete on a National, and World stage, and win multiple Championships. Her mantel and walls contain numerous trophies, roses, and photos of Quintin and Cash, and many students, as well, proudly carrying on the Rushlow tradition. We welcome you to our program based on hard work and excellence.